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Globaly Virtual Reality Office Space

Collaborate with teammates, in real-time, wherever they are.

From wherever you are.

Solving Problems

Solving Problems

Enhance Collaboration

Immerse in lifelike virtual meeting rooms, boardrooms, and project spaces. With features like spatial audio, realistic avatars, and interactive whiteboards, our VR spaces enable seamless collaboration across distances, fostering genuine connections and enhancing teamwork.

Solving Problems

Increase Productivity

Empower your team to achieve more in less time. VR spaces streamline workflows, eliminate distractions, and provide focused environments conducive to deep work.

Navigate through our VR environments effortlessly using intuitive interfaces and gesture controls. Access files, documents, and applications directly within the virtual workspace, eliminating the need to switch between multiple screens. With customizable productivity tools and task management systems, our VR spaces empower you to stay focused and accomplish more in less time.

Solving Problems

Increase employee engagement

Engage your workforce like never before through customizable avatars, expressive gestures, and interactive activities. From team-building exercises to virtual social events, our VR spaces facilitate meaningful interactions that strengthen relationships and boost employee morale. Leverage features like live polls, quizzes, and gamification to keep employees engaged and motivated.

Solving Problems

Improve creativity

Unleash team's creativity within our immersive VR environments designed to inspire innovation. Explore virtual worlds, prototypes, and simulations that stimulate imagination and encourage out-of-the-box thinking. With tools for 3D modeling, sculpting, and prototyping, our VR spaces provide a playground for experimentation and ideation.

Solving Problems

Reduce operational costs

Experience significant cost savings by leveraging our VR spaces for meetings, trainings, and events. Eliminate expenses associated with travel, accommodation, and venue rentals, while reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact. With scalable solutions, our VR spaces offer cost-effective alternatives to traditional workplace setups.

Solving Problems

Solve challenges

At Globaly, we understand that every business faces unique challenges, and our mission is to provide customizable solutions that address these specific needs. Whether it's streamlining workflows, improving communication, or optimizing processes, Globaly adapts to the intricacies of each business, offering tailor-made solutions that drive success. Our collaborative approach ensures that we work closely with clients to understand their pain points and deliver personalized strategies that yield tangible results. With Globaly, you have a partner dedicated to solving your challenges and propelling your business forward.

Benefits for Teams

Globaly's VR space revolutionized our team meetings. It's like we're all in the same room again!
Ava Rodriguez, PM
Thanks to Globaly, our creative sessions are more immersive and productive than ever. A game-changer for collaboration.
Sophia Martinez, Design Lead
Globaly transformed our global strategy sessions. Real-time collaboration across continents is now our reality.
Liam Johnson CEO
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Engage Client’s a Whole New Way

Sales Teams

Seamlessly connect with potential customers, saving valuable time on travel, and effortlessly transition from prospecting to leads to loyal customers. Reduce overhead costs and maximize results as geography is no longer a barrier to success.

Real-Time Communication, Collaboration & Innovation

Agile Teams

Boost agility with Globaly’s VR Workspace. Foster seamless collaboration and rapid iteration for your teams, anywhere. Adapt quickly to changing requirements and deliver high-quality results faster than ever before. Streamline workflows and ensure transparency across the team, regardless of location. Transform how you innovate and execute, together.


Marketing Teams

Engage audiences with immersive campaigns and interactive content creation tools. Gain valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences, allowing for targeted and personalized marketing strategies. Enhance brand visibility and drive conversion rates with dynamic virtual experiences.

Virtual Reality

Browser Friendly​

Web based browser friendly spaces that work on;
Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge

Device Agnostic​

Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android ready 3D spaces.

No VR Headset Necessary​

Meta Quest ready - but not required. Also works on your desktop, tablet and mobile device.

No App Downloads Necessary​

Buh-bye - Google Playstore, Apple Store

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