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3D Smart Spaces For Hybrid and Remote teams that value work & life!

Globaly Virtual Reality Office Space

Collaborate with teammates, in real-time, wherever they are.

From wherever you are.

Globaly's VR space revolutionized our team meetings. It's like we're all in the same room again!
Ava Rodriguez, PM
Thanks to Globaly, our creative sessions are more immersive and productive than ever. A game-changer for collaboration.
Sophia Martinez, Design Lead
Globaly transformed our global strategy sessions. Real-time collaboration across continents is now our reality.
Liam Johnson CEO
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Engage Client’s a Whole New Way

Sales Teams

Connect with potential customers quickly, save valuable time on travel, and effortlessly transition from prospecting to leads to loyal customers. Reduce overhead costs, and maximize results. Geography is no longer a barrier to success.

Real-Time Communication, Collaboration & Innovation

Agile Teams

Boost agility with Globaly’s VR Workspace. Foster seamless collaboration and rapid iteration for your teams, anywhere. Transform how you innovate and execute, together.

Miss tapping someone over the shoulder and getting those questions answered?


Elevated Team Engagement

Elevate team engagement with Globaly’s VR Workspace. Connect, collaborate, and celebrate in a space where every interaction sparks inspiration and unity.

Virtual Reality

Browser Friendly​

Web based browser friendly spaces that work on;
Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge

Device Agnostic​

Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android ready 3D spaces.

No VR Headset Necessary​

Meta Quest ready - but not required. Also works on your desktop, tablet and mobile device.

No App Downloads Necessary​

Buh-bye - Google Playstore, Apple Store

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Transform Your Workspace with Globaly

Discover the future of remote work with Globaly’s VR spaces. Connect, innovate, and excel from anywhere. Join us now and redefine what’s possible together.